Consider hiring a designer as you would consider hiring a plumber. If you don’t know what you’re doing, pay someone else to do it properly. Obviously with plumbing, the consequences of not taking this advice might be a bit more… immediate. Explaining the accidental installation of an upstairs fountain is unlikely to be a conversation you need to have with your house insurer, if you have a go at building your own website. 

Even with this mindset, we had a moment of “that’s an actual JOB?!” when we first heard of Adrian Fisher Design. Not because it seems like an easy ride (we can guarantee that it isn’t), but because none of us at Mineral HQ had ever stopped to wonder whose job it was. Mr Fisher is a maze designer. He, and his company, design mazes. And they are utterly brilliant.

(The person who made the first a-maze-ing joke has been sent to get the kettle on, and think about what they have done.)