"Where do I start?" The Design Process Demystified

Using a creative agency to raise your profile can seem a daunting idea, especially when you’re the one footing the bill. Our design process will help you understand how the magic happens.

We’re straight talking, hard working people, with real world experience. We know that your main questions are ‘how much, by when, and what’s the benefit to us?’ We agree.

Talk to us. We’ll help.

The Enquiry

The design process starts with a chat. Perhaps you need business cards, a website, leaflets, something to be written up… or you might not be sure, and want some advice on where to start. This can take place over the phone, via email, or we can meet you in person. We will discuss ideas and options until we have an outline that you like (which is called a brief).

You will be given a rough estimate of how much the work will cost. If you have a deadline (such as an event), tell us now! We will try our best to accommodate you.

Cost Estimating

Once we know what you need, we will provide you with pricing options depending on how big you want the project to be, or what your priorities are.


If you have a set budget for the project we can help you plan how to get the best from it.  A bit like calling a builder for an estimate.

Design Concepts

The plan is agreed, and we get to work. From the brief we design concepts for your branding, marketing materials, or website. These are our ideas of how the project might look. They can be presented to you by email, or in person (on a screen or, for an extra cost, printed and displayed on boards).

Social media and copywriting projects will include sample text, so you can decide how ‘you’ want to speak to the world.

Discuss. Suggest. Decide. The concepts are not final, and changes can be made. We will tell you if this affects the cost before going ahead.

Proof Stage

An electronic ‘proof’ will be sent for you to approve printed work or a website. Again, we will tell you of any significant changes that affect the billing, and what the additional cost is likely to be.

Once completed to your satisfaction, the website will be made live (so the rest of the world can enjoy it), or the job sent to the printers, as appropriate.


An invoice will be sent to you. We will discuss the timing of this with you right at the start. Usually we invoice at the end of the project.

Large projects, or ones which require regular updates might be billed at intervals, as each stage is completed. Payment within 30 days please; the office cat gets upset if there are wolves at the door!