It’s exhibition season and We. Are. Busy.

Throughout the year, there are trade exhibitions, industry conferences, country fairs… The people who go to sell or promote at these events tend to need business cards at least, although this week alone we have also provided, from scratch, graphics for two entire booths.

On Monday we were laying out a company logo to be printed onto temporary carpeting, which can be reused from show to show in addition to the banners which we provided a few months ago. We also have a slightly obsessive appreciation for artificial grass because WOW, that stuff is versatile.

One of the team came in over the weekend to produce an eight page brochure for a client who asked for it on Friday night, stressed out about a last-minute event. We sent it to print on Sunday, and they received it today. They fly out tomorrow, so 100 points to Mineral. The feel-good factor that comes with providing that level of service is near euphoric.

The job list over the next two weeks (so far, before the phones ring again) includes pull-up freestanding banners, graphics for vinyl flooring, branding for novelty USB drives, business cards, leaflets, pens, pop-up style booklets (for a pop-up bar), stickers…

Fortunately, we’re full of coffee and enthusiasm. There has been much rolling-up of sleeves around here recently…

Do you have a show coming up, or a project you would like to discuss?

Contact us, or visit our Exhibitions page.