It is International Day of Happiness, and we wish you all a very happy one. In a moment of perturbed cynicism, we worried that it was meant as the enforcement of cheer. A day when everyone is required to go about their business sporting shiny white smiles, and talking in exclamation marks! All day! Good job! Turns out it’s actually intended to encourage, urging those who take part to try and create happiness in the world around them.  This is the kind of sentiment we can get behind.

As well as trying to act on the happiness pledge, we shall nurture ourselves with some cake, and settling down to watch ‘The Happy Film’ from the excellent Stefan Sagmeister.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of things that make us happy here at Mineral HQ

  • Kerning or, the act of spacing characters to achieve beautifully presented text. It makes the difference between ‘I paid someone to do a quality job’ and ‘I knocked it up in Word’.
  • Unusual words, concisely used. We’re a straightforward bunch, so tend to get to the point as quickly as possible. That said, our previous blog post was about vexillology (the study of flags). Saying it makes the mouth feel like bursting into song may be imminent.
  • Things which are very functional, and beautiful, and clever. 
  • That wonderful moment when presenting design concepts to clients and they start grinning, because it’s exactly what they wanted even though they didn’t know what it was until they saw it.